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Corporate Wellness

PRANA Healthworks is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of your employees through our comprehensive Corporate Wellness strategies.  Let us tailor a specific strategy for your business that will improve employee morale, increase company productivity and reduce employee absences.  Our service professionals are always there to help you plan and implement any or all of our services to maximize your employee’s performance and decrease turnover rates.


  • Chair Massage – a simple 10-15 minute chair massage is the perfect stress reliever.  Massage decreases employee stress load and leaves them feeling energized and ready to meet any challenge!

  • Ergonomic Evaluation – an evaluation of your business location and work environment can reveal potential areas where injury or repetitive motion stresses can occur.  Reorganizing the work environment gives employees a new perspective on the job, builds employee / employer confidence, and decreases workman’s compensation claims.

  • Group Yoga Classes – onsite morning/afternoon yoga classes teach employees how to properly stretch tired, over worked muscles; improve posture and body mechanics; and relieves stress with focused breathing techniques.  Learning proper body mechanics reduces injury claims and employee absences due to injury rehabilitation.

  • One to One Employee Wellness Consultation – give your employees the gift of better living with a One to One wellness consultation.  Employees learn to improve diet, exercise habits, stress relief techniques, proper breathing habits, and mental focus.  A healthy outlook on life leads to better performance and job satisfaction!


  • Improving the ergonomic layout within your business improves overall work flow and customer satisfaction.

  • Employee review and analysis provide management with a better understanding of the physical and psychological demands of each job.

  • Improvement of job specific routines to maximize performance and decrease the risk of injury.

  • Comprehensive workshops and classes educate management and staff members in the use of proper body mechanics for job specific tasks, decreasing work related injuries and workman’s compensation claims.

  • Group exercise classes focus on task specific stretches and counter-strain movements to prevent muscle injury and improve employee morale. Less stress and pain helps employees perform better!

What's Your Work Environment?

Are the computer monitors too low causing neck strain?

Are the desks too high causing poor posture, shoulder fatigue, or carpal tunnel syndrome?

Do the chairs in your office provide adequate low back support eliminating pain and spasm occurances?

Does external noise create a hostile work environment resulting in job apathy and low morale?

Are employees required to perform repetitive movements during job specific routines which could lead to injury?





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